Western media performance in the reporting of Asian food security issue

In the past two month, this blog focused on the food safety reports, and explored the western media performance in reporting this issue. It can be summarized in following aspects.

Firstly, with the development of the Internet and news industry, there is a trend that the western news outlets pay more and more attention to the development issues of developing countries and the least developed countries, and food safety is one of the problem that western media concerned.

Secondly, in the reporting of Asia food security issue, the western media are more likely to focus on the problems or potential problem that might exist in Asia. This kind of report can help Asian countries to realize the problems they had, and find a way to alleviate these problems. Nevertheless, there was also some positive news about some measure to improvement of food security in Asia, and it can help the nations to build the confidence of food mechanism improvement.

Finally, the numbers of news reports of the food security issue in Asia or in others nations are not stable. It means that this kind of report can be affected by the other news, such as the political news – UK general election and some breaking news like Germanwings Flight 9525 crash.

In all, according to Wilson et al, media represent a crucial avenue through which consumers receive information during food incidents. The media therefore play a vital role in disseminating public health messages.[1] Besides, news outlet should keep the report objectively and factually without bias.


[1] Wilson, A.M. et al., 2014. Media actors ’ perceptions of their roles in reporting food incidents. BMC Public Health, pp.1–11.


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