Chinese development: concern from the western media 2

This is a news report from BBC in the end of 2012, the day of world food day. The different of this report with other print or online news outlets’ report about the Asian food security issue is that, it contained video to support the main view of it.

This report underlined the Asia food security and connected with the rising food price. It used the words to illustrate the basic food situation in Asia, and introduced the status of the guest in the video report. Besides, in the video, Tony Nash took China as an example to analyze the relationship between the food price and the food security problem.

BBC as the biggest television news outlet in the United Kingdom, covers comprehensive news report in the news programs. BBC is the main conveyor of the national debate and more likely to put the emphasis on the domestic news.[1] However, with the development of the world, especially the rapid development of some the developing countries like China, BBC started to pay more attention to Chinese development, and tried to find the defect of the development process and analyze it from its own point of view. On one hand, it shows that the news is becoming more and more international. On the other hand, it can help the developing countries to rethink the flaws in the process of development, and get better improvement in the next few decades.


Original report:

[1] Aitken, R. (2013) Can we still trust the BBC? London: Bloomsbury.


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