Chinese development: concern from the western media

Chinese government raises a new potatoes production strategy recently and had attracted attention from the western media. However, why does the ‘super rich’ China still has food shortage issue? And how does the Chinese government transfer the citizen’s attitude of potatoes from a kind of vegetable to the carbohydrate staples? The Euromonitor International trying to explain these problems in the report of China Banks on Potatoes for Food Security.

In my opinion, this is a good news report in this topic because of following reasons: Firstly, it almost a comprehensive report that contains the reasons for potatoes strategy, current food situation in China, and analyzed the possibility for Chinese to realize it.

Besides, actually, it is not a big deal for the foreign media to report the food strategy in China. According to Himelboim, Chang, and McCreery, Global news media, particularly those located in the developed countries, have long been accused of creating and sustaining a pattern of hierarchical international news flow and coverage, often giving priority to the Western affluent countries over the developing ones.[1] However, some of the relevant western media reported this topic. Moreover, the proportion of reports of the development news of developing countries and the least developed countries increased in the western media because of the Internet, and the promotion of China’s international status made the western media to pay more attention to the Chinese development news as well.


Original report:

[1] Himelboim, I., Chang, Tk., Mccreery, S., (2010). International network of foreign news coverage: old global hierarchies in a new online world. Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly, 2010 Sum, Vol.87(2), pp.297-314.


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