Food security and the environment problem in Iran

Why the food security issue can be existed in Asia? Most of the report about the Asian food safety problem did not mention the cause of food security. However, in the report from Payvand, an American website that dedicated to Iranian issues, it focus on the potential problems, especially in the area of food security, which will be brought by the climate change. Besides, water supplies and rising population can intensify the food safety issue in this area as well.

It raised the severe situation that the countries of Middle East have to face with, and also included some quotation from the renowned American environmental analyst to make the news more reliable.

Nevertheless, it cannot be seen as a perfect report. It only focused on the potential problems, but did not make further research about how to deal with this issue. What the audience expects for the news coverage is immediacy of reporting and the watchdog role, as well as the demand that news media enable citizens to develop their own opinions. In addition, civic demands build upon the professional role conception of journalists, emphasizing their interpretive, critical, and disseminating tasks[1]. In this report, it only showed the views of experts and some government speech, which was not contain the comprehensive investigation of this issue, such as the real situation in this area, the actions that might be taken by the government even by the citizen.


Original website:

[1]  Wurff, R., and Schoenbach, K., (2014) Civic and Citizen Demands of News Media and Journalists: What Does the Audience Expect from Good Journalism? Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly, Vol.91(3), pp.433-451


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