Why UK media did not pay attention to the World Health Day?

The World Health Day is a global health awareness day. However, UK media did not pay attention to the World Health Day this year, it was hard to find the coverage about it in most news outlets.

In my opinion, there are two potential reasons for the UK news outlets did not focus on the World Health Day this year.

Firstly, the news outlets choose the news for their agenda setting, and there are more important news in this period, such as the 2015 United Kingdom general election. It will be hold on 7 May, and each party began to advertise their policy and concepts from the end of March. This big event gained the attention from the UK news outlets and occupied large space in the newspapers. Agenda setting refers to the idea that there is a strong correlation between the emphasis that mass media place on certain issues and the importance attributed to these issues by mass audiences.[1] Therefore it is reasonable for UK media to put the emphasis on the domestic election, which is more attractive to the audiences.

Secondly, UK as a developed country does not have much food security problems, so it does not have the necessity to report the official news release especially it underline the severe situation in the Southeast Asia.

In all, UK news outlets did not show the professional and comprehensive side of this health safety report. Nevertheless, it might focus on more news-worth events, and that is a part of the agenda setting for the UK media.


[1] McCombs, M. E., and Shaw, D. L. (1972). The agenda-setting function of mass media. Public Opinion Quarterly, 36(2), 176–187.


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