India media: World Health Day – make the food security as a priority issue

Food safety issue was raised as the theme for the 2015 World Health Day, it especially emphasize on the food security issue in Africa and South-East Asia. According to the report from the Times of India, in the South East Asian region, diarrhoeal diseases continue to be one of the top three leading causes of deaths, food safety still one of the biggest problems for some Asian countries.

Before the day of World Health Day, the India health ministry and World Health Organization (WHO) urged the nation of the world to put the food safety issue in the first place. It was released by many Southeast Asian countries, such as India, and Malaysia. Many of the online Indian media outlets such as the Times of India, The Hindu, and the India Express all mentioned the theme in different way.

For example, the report of “WHO, Indian health ministry bat for food safety” from the Times of India showed the current situation of Indian food security, and the significance of alleviating the food safety issue. However, the Hindu put the emphasis on how to solve this problem.

As the food safety is a domestic issue for India, the media outlets pay much attention to it. Meanwhile, different news outlets have different strategies to report the news, including the agenda setting and news framing. According to Shoemaker and Reese, ‘‘framing’’ refers to modes of presentation that journalists and other communicators use to present information in a way that resonates with existing underlying schemas among their audience.[1] Different news content can provide audience a variety of views to understand the news in-depth.


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[1] Shoemaker, P. J., and Reese, S. D. (1996). Mediating the message: Theories of influences on mass media content. 2nd ed.. White Plains, NY: Longman.


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