Chinese food security issue in Western media 2

As I mentioned in last blog, China as a developing country still has some problem in the process of development, such as the food safety issue. Fortunately, the Chinese government has already been aware of this issue and gradually takes some steps to improve this situation.

According to the report of food navigator Asia edition, 2015 could be a landmark year for China to reform the system of food security. The development of the society is inseparable with the policy that made by the authority. Besides, the politics can be a significant element that affects the media performance.

This news report focus on the government contribution of food safety issue, which is kind of similar with the coverage of Chinese media. Although it is a positive report for Chinese society, the content of this report made it seems like a mouthpiece of Chinese government. Sometimes, media work as an information provider, spreading the objective messages to the public. It is not wrong for the media outlets to reports the positive aspects of government actions. However, it cannot lose the function of watchdog, which means it has to find its own voice and began to express itself as watchdog, educator and entertainer.[1]


Original website:

[1] Malila, V., (2012). Globalization and communications policy: the role of the media in communications policy development in Kenya between 2002 and 2009.


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