Chinese food security issue in Western media 1

With the great economic development of China, the food shortage issue was almost solved by the Chinese government in the beginning of 21st century. However, market-oriented economy lead to the cutthroat competition in some field. One of the biggest problems is the quality of food. There were a series of reports that show the food quality problem in China, and it is extremely urgent issue for Chinese government to deal with.

There are some foreign organizations devote to helping to promote the food quality in China and citizens’ consciousness of food security. For example, a European website launched an Asia edition for keeping a watchful eye on the news about the food security. This online news organization issued a report about the ConsumerLab, an US food nutrition test organization, which launched the Chinese-language services to test the quality of some Chinese food brand. This is almost objective news report that shows investigating of the nutrition of some Chinese food.

The framing of news outlets can affect the view of public. Most of the people trust in the reports from the news outlet, therefore developing trust with the public and a good reputation through the presentation and reporting of accurate, trustworthy information was seen as vital by media actors.[1] It is necessary for media outlets reports to edit the news objectively, and balance the rates of negative news and positive news.


Original website:

[1] Wilson, A.M. et al., 2014. Media actors ’ perceptions of their roles in reporting food incidents. BMC Public Health, pp.1–11.


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