Critical review of Nepal’s zero hunger challenge

Nepal has joined the United Nation Secretary General’s Zero Hunger Challenge in the end of 2014. It was a tremendous attempt for Nepal to fight with hunger issue. However, the Guardian online raised a doubt that does it can be realized in 2025 with a third of children under five underweight.

According to the report of the Guardian online, malnutrition is a serious issue in Nepal, and there are only ten years for the Nepal’s government and some international assistant organizations to solve this problem. The Guardian online explores the root of malnutrition in Nepal, and the government performance on this issue to demonstrate the doubt of possibility of its realization.

Escobar (1995) pointed out that, “No aspect of development appears to be as straightforward as hunger.” He also mentioned that, “The symbolism of hunger, however, has proven powerful throughout the ages.”[1] The food shortage issue has been alleviated in 21st century. However, Hiroyuki Konuma, assistant director-general and regional representative for Asia and the Pacific, represented the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), described the hunger problem issue like that, “While the world presently produces enough food for all, it is not evenly distributed”.[2]

The guardian online focused on the new development of food shortage issue in the least developed countries and reported the issue with critical view, which can show the potential problem in the Zero Hunger Challenge program. It can help the public and the authority recognized the problem comprehensively and thoroughly.


original report:

[1] Escobar, A. (1994). Encountering development: the making and unmaking of the third world. Princeton: Princeton University Press.

[2] Nepal launches National Zero Hunger Challenge, available at:


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